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Our story by Steve Wilson


My passion for craft beer began during an Outkast concert at Forecastle Festival. 

Anyone who knows  me personally knows how value driven I am...(cheap) Pabst Blue Ribbon and Sierra Nevada Torpedo,

 both in 16 oz cans, were the only beer to be had. With only $1 difference between the 2 and almost double the abv,

 my choice of Torpedo was a foregone conclusion.  After cracking open that can of Gods sweet nectar, I was hooked.

  The funky in your face aroma (looking around for the joint) from the hops had me mesmerized. 

After the journey home I was on a mission. Over the ensuing months I enjoyed

 so many different beers  of all styles and gained north of 40 lbs. Somewhere along the way I wondered, “Why in an area

 with  such an up  and coming alcohol culture, is there not a locally brewed beer?”   I decided to change that

 and take my passion for craft beer to the next level.  The next few years involved a ton of learning,

 brewing good beer, great beer, and garbage beer.

 I quickly found my myself no longer home brewing with a great friend but 

professionally  brewing with some of the areas most respected brewers.  I'm humbled to have worked

 alongside, in my opinion, some of the greats. Many mistakes, failures, fights, new relationships, and  great times litter

 my memory of this ride. My family is very important to me and to the potential success of the brewery. The first 2 years, the hard

 work and long hours would not have been possible without my son Malachi and his mother Rebecca. 

They've  worked tirelessly beside me on this journey. 

GBC started as a pipe dream and without the help of so many, some still involved

 and some off chasing their own dreams, this would not have been possible. While there are too many to list,

 they know who they are.  I sincerely hope they all know my gratitude.  We're happy to call Gatlinburg and Sevier County home.

 I grew up here and hope to make the community as proud to call us they're own as we are to them. 


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Gatlinburg Brewing Company

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